• February 7, 2023 Aimsinfosoft

    Aims Textarea Wordcount For Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

    We at Aims Infosoft, again come up with flashing WordPress plugin that helps WordPress site owners and developers to insert an additional option in Contact Form 7.

    There are many challenges developer now-a-days facing as part of technical development. sometime, they would have to spent more then expected time just to fulfill tiny requirements. and therefore sometime they have to knee down to it. Also same for the store owners that they have dependent on developer for some limited requirements that can be resolved by themselve. There for we have build up the one of these kind of plug that can help developers and store owners to save their time and make it done.

    We have developed a wordpress plugin that enable privilege to inserts some additional options into the “TextArea” field in the Contact Form 7. This plugin offers an additional field with advantage to count spaces or option not to counting te spaces for word count. while adding a new text area, user can specify a “Max Word Count” for particular form field. When such max word count is given, extra html/js is inserted on the frontend view of your site’s Contact Form(s), Which shows the current word count for that text area field with or without spaces as per selection from backend area. and vuts off the text inside the field after the pre-selected number of words.

    Overall, you will find the help with text area with the opportunity to calculate words with spaces and without spaces.

    Plugin Requirements:

    • Requires Contact Form 7 version 4.6 or later.

    How to Install :

    • Upload aims-textarea-wordcount-withwithout-space-for-contact-form-7 folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

    This will add the extra field to the “Generate Tag: Text area” screen on the Contact Form editor.

  • January 26, 2023 Aimsinfosoft

    Make Disable Admin Email Verification Prompt| Aims Infosoft

    Recently, WordPress has introduced its upgrade release version 5.3 in which they have explored the feature of an admin verification screen that will be shown to periodically after an admin has logged in. The intension behind why WordPress officials has announced the release of this feature is that to periodically prompt administrations to verify the website’s administration email address.

    From development perspective, while the site is in under development technical people working in backend area to complete the web development as per requirement. Hence, coding or configuring the backend when the verification promts frequently and that could consider more time and developer focus to be diverted. and to help with this problem, We at Aimsinfosoft have created the useful wordpress plugin that will disable this feature as per requirements.

    The Make Disable Admin Email Verification Prompt plugin functionally disable the email verification prompt in admin area and provide the smooth admin to the users and owners.

    Plugin Requirements:

    • Requires WordPress 5.3 or greater

    How to Install :

    • Upload Plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
    • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

    The plugin will be reflected in general setting page.

  • January 26, 2023 Aimsinfosoft

    Magento 2 Extension : Magento 2 csp Module

    Spending Lot Of Money On Animation Of E-Commerce Website Is Worthless, If Not Paid Sensitive Attention On Website Security!

    It Is Obvious That, Companies Lose Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars After Failing To Implement E-Commerce Security Features To Safeguards Their Online Stores From Hackers.

    The Internet Is The Dangerous Place To Conduct Business. We Cannot Make E-Commerce Successful Nor We Can Protect Our Sensitive Customer Data Without Using Security Protection Tools . >

    Thankfully, We Can Protect Our Website Data With Magnto 2 Extension- “Magento 2 Csp Module”.

    Aimsinfosoft- “Magneto 2 Csp Module” Will Help You To Protect Your E-Commerce Website B2b Business Deals, Between You And Your Precious Customers.

    Lets Know More About “Magento 2 Csp Module”…

    Key Features:

    • Allow Any Type Of Third Party Script, Css, Image, Iframe Etc That Has Been Blocked By Magento Content Security Policy.
    • On Single Tap Your Script Will Execute On Your Magento 2 Web store.
    • Easy To Configure In Backend.
    • Variety Of Policy Option To Allow Execution.

    What Is Csp Module?

    Csp Module Is Basically A Standard To Prevent Attacks On Your Websites. Attacks Mean An Xss , Clickjacking Or Malicious Code Injection.

    Csp Is Widely Supported By All The Modern Web Browsers And It Gives Freedom To Website Owners To Approve For Content That Browsers Should Allowed.

    It Help Website Creators To Make Safe Pathways For Website From Having Any Attacks On Websites

    Why Use ” Magneto 2 Csp Module”?

    As We Know That Magento 2, By Default Block The Third Party Scripts, Iframes, Image, Css .

    So We Created The Module Aimsinfosoft Csp Module Facilitate To Allow Third Party Scripts, Frames Etc.

    As Magento 2 By Default Blocking Third Party Scripts, Frames Etc For To Prevent Security, We Have Developed An Extension That Will Maintain The Security But Will Allow Those Scripts And Frames To Execute On Your Shining Magento Webstore.

    Why Our Services Stands Out From Crowd ?

    • We Provide Lifetime Free Upgrades.

    • We Keep Our Promise- 30 Days Money Back.

    • We Provide 90 Days Free Support.

    • 100% Bug Free Algorithm.

    • php bin/magento setup:Upgrade
      php bin/magento setup:static-conten:Deploy
      php bin/magento cache:Flush 

    Here Are The Steps How To Use Magento 2 Csp Module:

    Step 1 :

    Download Csp Extension Setup From Our Official Website (Https://Store.Aimsinfosoft.Com/).

    Step 2 :

    Install The Extension To Your Magento 2 Store. To Install The Extension Follow Below Steps:

    • Upload And Extract Extension Setup To Root Directory It Should Be In Like App/Code/Aimsinfosoft/Csp.
    • Run Below Commands.

    Step 3 :

    Go Magento Admin > Store > Configuration:

    Step 4 :

    Select Aimsinfosoft > Csp :

    Step 5 :

    Enable Module And Click On Add New Row.

    Step 6 :

    Select Type Of Policy And Add The Base Url Of Script Or Iframe You Have Added To The Website And Save The Configuration.

    • That’s It, Now You Will Be Able To See Added Content To The Frontend.

    Conclusion :

    Magento 2 Csp Module Allows Your Website Owner To Create Security For Their Website Business Between Customer And Seller. The Specialty In This Module Is, It Won’t Allow Get In Third Party To Take Part Between Deal.

    Visit To Know More:



Code Genic is the one of best asset of Aims Infosoft, who is also an expert in front-end development in numerous technologies like Magento 2, Wordpress and Shopify. When he is not working, He used to spent his time to explore more and more about information technology and over-enthusiastic to music.


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