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SignOnLetters.com will simplify the process of producing, distributing, and archiving sign-on letters and will reduce the signiicant amount of administrative time needed to produce these letters as well as automating repetitive tasks.

Business Challenge

Assets are name, organization, organization description, address, phone number, scanned signature, and logo, and other components attached to a particular person and/or organization

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    The letter producers are having a hard time adding logos and signatures to their produced letters.

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    The Co-op has around 130 food stores in the east of England.

Key Features

  • Users can act as Signer as well as Producer.
  • The user can publish their own letters to get signed by others and they can also collaborate with other producers to sign letters.
  • As a producer of letters, users can send the request to signer from the list of existing users as well as can invite people to sign up to the platform to sign the letters.
  • Users can add their own signature and logo so that once they are signing the letters requested by the producer the logo and signatures will be added automatically.
  • There are 3 subscriptions available for the sign on with its own set of rules.

Our Solution

To achieve what the client needs, we started to develop the web application based on the above-mentioned technical specifications.

The application was built on OOPS (Object Oriented Programming Structure) concept which comes with the reusable programming fundamental.

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    Programming Language:

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    User Interface: