About – East Of England Co-op

We’re proud to be the largest independent retailer operating in the East of England. We provide food stores and specialist services, such as funerals, security, travel agents and petrol filling stations to communities across Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

With a significant property portfolio and other businesses, such as events and conference facilities and stonemasonry, we are a diverse and modern business.

As a co-operative business, we’re run differently to other big organisations, putting our members first. Our focus has always been, and always will be, the local communities in our region.

Business Challenge

Why we’re here, what we’re trying to achieve and how we do business with what we call the co-op difference. We'd also like to tell you a little bit about our history, including how we can trace our roots back over 150 years ago to the first ever co-op.

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    COOP East is the largest independent retailer operating in the East of England.

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    The Co-op has around 130 food stores in the east of England.

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    Whenever there is a technical or hardware problem at any of the stores it is hard to manage it and resolve the problem within a short time.

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    So that, they proposed an online solution to manage each and everything online using desktop and mobile web app.

Key features

  • Multiple user roles with their own login dashboards:
    1. Admin
    2. Contractor
    3. Area Manager
    4. Area Surveyor
  • Admin, Store Manager, and Area Surveyor can raise the Jobby specifying the job category (For E.g.: Electrical, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, CCTV, Doors, Plumbing, Chairs, and more...)
  • Admin can create the store and assign the Store manager to it.
  • Admin can manage the Job Categories (Add, Remove, Update)
  • Once the job has been raised, Contractor will get notified via an email as well as web push notification.
  • Contractor will evaluate the job and add the cost for the Job.
  • Area manager will review the cost and approve the Job.
  • Once the job has been approved the contractor will take action to fix the issue and change the Job status to its desired one.
  • Once the job has been done, the Area surveyor will review the work done and close the job.

Our Solution

To achieve what the client needs, we started to develop the web application based on the above-mentioned technical specifications.

The application was built on OOPS (Object Oriented Programming Structure) concept which comes with the reusable programming fundamental.

The solution is made the way it allows all the users to login to the system using the authentication credentials (Username/Password).

All the user roles mentioned above in the Key Features section will have their own dashboard where they can see only data they are assigned to expect admin.

Allowed an admin user to manage each User role based on the store.

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    Programming Language :

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    Framework :

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    Database :

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    User Interface :