About – The Littlemagictrain Journey

Littlemagictrain is the brainchild of Gina Bale. Founded back in 2002, inspired by her young daughter and a love of trains instilled in Gina by her late uncle and grandfather.

Gina originally trained vocationally for a career in ballet at Bush Davies School and then Scapino Dans Academie in Amsterdam (known now as Dutch National Ballet Academy). Due to an injury, Gina could not fulfill this dream and at the time did not wish to attend the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague to train as a teacher.

Gina left the world of vocational ballet and spent a number of years doing different things ranging from Secretarial College, working with heads of Business and senior Civil Service to Pop Videos. After securing a place to read Law Gina was about to accept when, in an effort to get fit, she attended a ballet class at the Royal Academy of Dance HQ.

The teacher asked why Gina had not considered teaching and was offered a place on their teaching course a few months later. This was the start of 25 years plus of teaching dance – the best decision ever!

Business Challenge

We’re not just handing you a resource and sending you on your way – oh no, you’re becoming part of our dynamite family! Every week, we’ve got your back with live support clinics that are like high-energy pep rallies for your genius ideas. Need a boost between rallies? We’ve got a WhatsApp group that’s basically a hotline to inspiration, plus pre-recorded training sessions that are there for when you need them.

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    Client was using ESPO CRM as a solution before.

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    But they wanted some sort of automation with integration to the website called Little Magic Train. For e.g.: They want to convert the contact form submission to lead directly in the CRM. They wanted to have a list of subscribers who purchase the subscription from the website and send them promotional emails based on their current subscription.

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    But unfortunately, ESPO CRM was now allowing them to tweak the features and add our own functionalities to it.

Key features

  • All the contact form submission to the website (Littlemagictrain) are now coming to the CRM as a lead.
  • Realtime synchronization of the WooCommerce order information with the CRM.
  • Manage (Add, Import) customers to manage the leads.
  • Admin can choose the group of people to whom they want to share the special offer via an email.
  • Managing the sales and opportunities.
  • Admin can schedule and follow up calls for the potential customers by creating and managing the zoom calls.
  • Customer training management module, where the admin will drive the customers through the Littlemagictrain website.
  • Admin can manage the report based on different criteria available.

Our Solution

To achieve what client need, we started to develop the web application based on below given technical specifications.

The application was built on OOPS (Object Oriented Programming Structure) concept which comes with the reusable programming fundamental.

The solution is made the way it allows an admin to login to the system using the authentication credentials (Username/Password).

Once the admin has logged in to the website, they can walk through each key feature mentioned above.

The admin user has the right to manage the child admin to invite people to manage the CRM on behalf of an admin.

  • Programming Language

  • Framework

  • Database

  • User Interface