Release of WordPress 5.5 “Eckstine”

March 7, 2023 Aimsinfosoft Wordpress

WordPress has released another version named “Eckstine” – In the honor of Billy Eckstine.

What is Eckstine ?

– The Eckstine is the another WordPress version posted on August 11, 2020 by Matt Mullenweg, With the help of Eckstine the WordPress gets new power in three important modules.

  • Speed
  • Search
  • Security   

1) Speed :

– The main thing that consume time to load the webpage is the images, as when you load or refresh the page it will go to request for the image and will load that image to page, even after we haven’t reached to the screen that has the images.

– In WordPress 5.5, It

will wait to load image until they’re just about to scroll into view, and it will speed up your page loading.

2) Search :

– Here, The Eckstine got the XML site map which will help your search engine to discover the most important pages.

– By This, The more and more visitor will found your store on internet and probably, You will have more and more customer to your store in the blink of the eye.

3) Security :

– Before this version, if there is any update for the plugins and themes you have to update it.

– But, Now we have the “Eckstine”

– It will allows you to decide yourselves that do you want the plugins or themes to autoupdate?

” The wordpress 5.5 is just an awesome update we got to use for our websites”

Thank You

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