• March 7, 2023 Aimsinfosoft

    Magento 2.4.0 – New Release of Magento Community

    Now-a-days, It is running COVID-19 pandemic.Which affected whole world, but it cant stop magento to publish its new version called “Magento 2.4.0”.

    What is new in Magento 2.4.0 ?

    – The Magento 2.4.0 includes 98 new features, fixed 68 bug, 50 security changes, 7 test cycles, 12 packages & extensions as well as support for Php 7.4(Letest PHP version)

    Magento 2.4.0, Also giving you advantages as below :

    Considerable Security Enhancements :

    Magento 2.4.0 Facilitated with 30+ security fixes which prevent your website from remote code execution (RCE) and cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.

    – Disabled the default data rendering for User Interface data providers to prevent the spam users to execute arbitrary Js(JavaScripts).

    – The template filter strict mode is now enabled by default.

    – Default 2FA for Magento admin panel.

    – Improved Content Security Policy.

    There are many more to see in this new MAGENTO 2.4.0,Which you will get when you install this awesome release.

    Enjoy Your Experience

    Thank You

  • March 7, 2023 Aimsinfosoft

    Aimsinfosoft Contact-us Module Magento 2

    Recently, Aims Infosoft has published Mesmerizing Module for the Magento-2 Named “Aims Infosoft Contact Us”.

    This module will helps you to save data in database and show-up the same in back-end  grid.

    Key Features:

    • Get contact inquiry form frontend and show it to admin in grid
    • You can manager those details from admin like Edit or Delete
    • You can create new inquiry from admin panel as well
    • You can sort the table data in order
    • You can filter to check particular inquiry

    Installation Steps:

    • Download the latest version here.
    • Extract master.zip file to app/code/Aimsinfosoft/Contactus ; You should create a folder path app/code/Aimsinfosoft/Contactus if not exist.
    • Run following commands:
    • php bin/magento setup:upgrade
      php bin/magento setup:di:compile
      php bin/magento setup:static-conten:deploy
      php bin/magento cache:flush 

    Once, you will successfully install the module you will have the backend grid in you admin panel.

    Steps to access the module:

    Step 1 :

    Go to Admin > AIMSINFOSOFT > Manage Contactus

    Step 2 :

    After clicking on Manage Contactus, You will see display grid.

    Step 3 :

    You can even add the details from admin by clicking Add New.

    Step 4 :

    You can also edit the details from admin.

    Step 5 :

    Table Sorting .

    Step 6 :


    We hope, This module helps you to get your issues related to contact us fixed and make your life easier.

    Thank You

  • March 7, 2023 Aimsinfosoft

    Magento 2 Modules Summary

    E-Commerce Website Is An Important Component To Stand Out Of The Crowd. This Is The Only Platform To Gain More And More Customers.

    “We Can Gain Customers On Our E-Commerce Websites, When Things Are Organized ,Faster And Accurate”

    Gaining And Retaining Customers On E-Commerce Websites Is Open Challenge For Every Service Based Organization. Whether It Is Large Organization Or Small, They Spent Lot Of Penny To Build Attractive Websites. Every Private Limited , Organization Wants To Gain Their Customers Like A Magnet . To Make E-Commerce Website Developer Use Lot Of Frame Works.

    In This Era Of 21st Century, We Have Lot Of Frameworks Extensions For Making Attractive Websites. Due To Number Of Frameworks , May Be You Got Confused About It.

    Let’s Make It Easy To Choose Website Extensions For Attractive Websites.

    We Have The Well Organized Structured Framework, That Is ” Magneto 2 Extensions”.


    Placing Your Services From Streets Vendors To Online Websites Is Dream For Every Large And Small Organization. If Service Giving Corporate Don’t Hold Magnetic Websites Then, Definitely Their Revenue Decreases Due To Loses Of Customers Due To Unorganized And Poor Quality E-Commerce Websites.

    Lets Discuss About How To Make An Attractive Website Using , “MAGENTO 2 Extensions”- Organized , Well Structured Technology Modules .

    What Magneto 2 Extension?

    If We Want To Make An Attractive Website , We Need A Framework With Full Of New Features And Attractive Modules.

    Yes, We Are Talking About Magneto 2 Extensions. It Has Lot Of Attractive Features. Magento 2 Extension Is Always An Best Option For Website Creators Due To Its Strong Features Relates To Customers Queries And Also Due To High Tech Quality Modules.

    Let’s Explore Our Marketplace – ‘Magento 2 Extensions’ :

    Magento 2 Marketplace Is Designed For Easy Discovery Of Relevant Magento2 Extensions. It Provides A Lucrative User Experience With Offerings Our Website Friendly Extensions. Discover New And Customized Functionality, In Key Business Categories, To Help Your Business Thrive And Grow In This Highly Competitive Market.

    Aims InfoSoft Provide Magento 2 Extensions In A Wide Range, Magento 2 Is Highly Scalable Due To Availability Of This Extensions. In This Article , We Have Convene The Most Successful And Result Oriented Magento 2 Extensions Which You Can Use For Your Website Development , Customization, Also The Most Important Thing For Doing Marketing Of Your Website Products.

    So Let’s Begin Now…

    What Makes Us Unique!

    • 10+ Years Of Experience.
    • Certified Developers.
    • Lifetime Free Upgrades.
    • Free 90 Days Support.
    • 30 Days Money Back.
    • Rewards On Each Purchase.
    • 100% Open Source.
    • 100% Bug Free.

    Our Best Magento 2 Extension:

    1. Magento 2 Request Price Module :

    Magento 2 Request Price Module, Is The Most Important Feature In E-Commerce Websites. It Is The First Way By Which Your customer Interacts With Your Website Products.

    With Our Magento 2 Request Price Module, It Is Very Easy To Detect Your Customers Thinking About Suitable Product Price.

    We Come Up With Another Helpful Module For You. We Named It ” Aimsinfosoft Request Price “.

    This Module Will Help Your Store’s Customer To Request The Price From Own Side To The Store Admin, And Store Admin Can Know The Customer’s Price Limit.

    Key Features:

    • Using The Module Customer Can Request The Price Of Any Individual Product On Your Store.
    • Store Admin Can Know The Customer Wished Price Of Any Particular Product.
    • Backend Grid To List All Price Inquiries With Customer Details.
    • Easy To Use.
    • Customer Friendly.

    2. Magento 2 Image Clean Module:

    Our Magento 2 Image Clean Up Module, Allows To Let The Creators Get A List Of All Unused Images Or Category Images, That Can Be Deleted After Verification. The Image Clean Module, Selects All The Unused Product Images And The Path In Grid Form. Website Creator Can Refer It, To Decide If It Is Useless And Hence, Delete Images From Media Catalog.

    Key Features:

    • On Once Click You Will Get All Unused Image Files Of Products And Categories.
    • You Can Delete Either Single On Multiple Images On One Click By Confirming The Selection.
    • You Will Have Separate Option To Select Image Either For Product Images Or For Categories Images That You Have Uploaded Earlier And Deleted From Admin.

    3. Magento 2 Contact Us Module With Backend Grid :

    Aims Infosoft Has Published Mesmerizing Module For The Magento-2 Named “Aims Infosoft Contact Us”.

    This Module Will Helps You To Save Data In Database And Show-Up The Same In Back-End Grid.

    Key Features:

    • Get Contact Inquiry Form Frontend And Show It To Admin In Grid.
    • Easy To Remove Unwanted Records From Backend.
    • Easy To Filter Records.

    4. Magento 2 Csp Module :

    Content Security Policies (CSP) Are A Powerful Tool To Mitigate Against Cross Site Scripting (XSS) And Related Attacks, Including Card Skimmers, Session Hijacking, Clickjacking, And More. As We Know That Magento 2, By Default Block The Third Party Scripts, Frames, Image, Css Etc, So We Created The Module.

    Key Features:

    • Allow Any Type Of Third Party Script, CSS, Image, Iframe Etc That Has Been Blocked By Magento Content Security Policy.
    • On Single Tap Your Script Will Execute On Your Magento 2 Web Store.
    • Easy To Configure In Backend.
    • Variety Of Policy Option To Allow Execution.


    So, Friends This All About Our Magento 2 Extensions. Using All These Highly Scalable Modules You Can Make Your Website User Friendly For Your Precious Customers. For Knowing More Visit Or Wesite.

    Visit us for more: https://store.aimsinfosoft.com/

  • March 7, 2023 Aimsinfosoft

    Magento 2 Module: Request Price Module

    Bargaining Can Be Done Online !

    Yes You Heard Right. You Might Not Think About It Yet, But With The Development Of Magento 2 Extensions , Website Customers Can Raise Price For Their Chosen Product On E-Commerce Websites.

    In This Blog , Aimsinfosoft Would Love To Introduce An Ultimate Magento 2 Extension For Offering Customers The Chance To Raise Their Prices As Their Wishes. We Come Up With Another Helpful Module For You. We Named It “Aimsinfosoft Request Price “.

    This Module Will Help Your Store’s Customer To Request The Price From Own Side To The Store Admin, And Store Admin Can Know The Customer’s Price Limit.

    Key Features:

    • Using The Module Customer Can Request The Price Of Any Individual Product On Your Store.
    • Store Admin Can Know The Customer Wished Price Of Any Particular Product.
    • Backend Grid To List All Price Inquiries With Customer Details.
    • Easy To Use.
    • Customer Friendly.

    Why Magento 2 “Request Price Module Important”?

    All Over Firm’s Revenue Comes From The Products Sold To The customers. So ,We Think, Price Is The Only Essential Element In The Marketing Pitch Responsible For Revenue.

    Magento 2 Request Price Module

    Help Website Creators To Understand Customers Price And Their Budget. According To This, You Can Place Your Products On Website. This Will Be Beneficial For Both Customer And Creator Too.

    Why Our Services Stands Out From Crowd?

    • We Provide Lifetime Free Upgrades.
    • We Keep Our Promise- 30 Days Money Back.
    • We Provide 90 Days Free Support.
    • 100% Bug Free Algorithm.

    Here Are The Steps How To Use Magento 2 Request Price Module:

    Step 1 :

    When You Install Module In Magento 2, You Will Have The The Request Price Button On Your Any Product Details Page. Just Click On It.

    Step 2 :

    When You Click On It, You Will Have The Popup To Fill-Out Some Details.

    Step 3 :

    Go To Magento 2 Admin And Find Request Price Under Customers Menu In Left Panel.

    Step 4 :

    You Will Have The List Of All Requests On The Page. You Can Edit The Request As Well.

    Step 5 :

    Finally Admin Can Check The Request From His Side.

    Final Words:

    Magento 2 Request Price Module Allows Your Customers To Request Their Suitable Price For Products And This Will Be Useful To The Owner For Knowing Customers Financial Behavior.

    Hence Module Helps Both Side To Reach A Price Agreement Which Decreases Cart Abandonment With Price Reason And Increases Purchases.

    Visit To Know More:



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